About Us

Award-winning. Adventurous. Ambitious.

‘M-is builds relationships with you, so you create stronger relationships – be they fans, visitors, customers or constituents.’ We are an adventurous agency both in ambition and geographically.

With global headquarters based in London, we continue to deliver work across five continents – Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America and in cities such as Dubai, Beijing, LA, NYC, Rio, Cape Town, Paris and Geneva.

Our global reach means that our teams consistently deliver projects across the globe simultaneously.  We revel in the fact that our client partnerships mean that the journey and the work is enjoyed by all – that includes facing the challenges as well as celebrating the successes.

Our track record

Clients from global business to international sporting federations and governments choose M because of our determination to deliver and due to our long, impressive track-record of success. M’s creativity is qualified across a wide portfolio of multidisciplinary projects delivered with excellence.

M’s reputation has been built on trust confidence and longevity. From being involved with World Expos since 1992 delivering multiple international relays and achieved communications successes for cities and countries. We’ve represented Xerox for 16 years in USA and Europe; the UK government for nearly 10 years and SES for 15 years.

Our team comes from all walks of life and have spent most of their careers delivering projects around the world.

M develops and delivers persuasive Experiential, Digital and Communication solutions – from concept to completion.

M-is Office | M-is.com
M-is Office | M-is.com