• Transforming Mobility

    Transforming Mobility

    Electrification, connectivity, automation and the Internet of Things are set to disrupt mobility systems dramatically in the decade.

    We will be looking at the impact of such disruption on the automotive sector, the consumer and environmental impact (improving clean air quality for example).

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  • Changing the High Street Experience

    Changing the High Street Experience

    Sales in decline, rates too high, Amazon and Alibaba taking over the world? The physical and digital (phygital) worlds have collided not always with positive outcomes but often with great success.

    We now have coffee in bookshops and DJs in clothes shops in order to draw people in. It’s as simple as that right? We think not! The retail experience is changing – we look into how.

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  • Sport Leisure (future of sports)

    Sport Leisure (future of sports)

    Sport has brought us together to cheer for our heroes since the dawn of time. Yet each generation, utilises its own technology and social conventions. The dynamics are changing again – get ready for the new intensified fan experience.

    We will cover: venues, technology, grass roots participation plus the rise of new sport concepts. We will be looking at fan experiences around the world and the changing nature of sponsor activity.

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  • Urban Living

    Urban Living

    All of us are in the middle of an historic rise in urbanisation – globally. Can technology re-define urban life in the 21st Century? Will that technology leave some cities behind in terms of connectivity, accessibility and smart infrastructure?

    Migration, people-first-housing, community, sustainability, digital infrastructure commerce, leisure, health wellness and lifestyle are all topics we will be looking at in detail and sharing with you.

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