In this new age, we lead with experience, insight and innovation.
Virtual & hybrid experiences have expanded our clients’ reach and given the opportunity to engage with new audiences, optimising returns.

At M, all of our work is underpinned by a socially aware and ethical approach.

The New Age vs Trends

The landscape is evolving for live and event communications.

Throughout M, we believe that audiences, now more than ever, will continue to engage in immersive event experiences.

Our pioneering virtual event solutions are the result of extensive investment, research and development over the last decade.
Our team of in-house experts has delivered countless powerful and engaging AR, virtual and live experiences for many our clients from our M-AX and M-X stages via robust, bespoke content delivery networks.

Soon, we hope we will all be able to interact and celebrate together in person. When we do, the new M innovative platforms will continue to bring themes, messages and stories to an even wider-reaching audience, taking live events to a new level of exposure and reach.

M Integrated Solutions

We take pride in exploring and delivering pioneering projects for our clients. An independent agency that creates extraordinary relationships with clients, audiences, employees and supply chains, globally. Offering unconstrained strategic high-level thinking. M is driven by client needs and changing trends. Across experiential; marketing and PR; international relations; & communications; live events; exhibitions; conferences and launches; film and content production; interactive and online innovation, M solves problems and achieves remarkable results.
Built on relationships of substance.